What’s the breeding strategy for getting a Grumpyre?

In My Singing Monsters, one of the most sought-after monsters is Grumpyre. This furry purple Cold Island dweller sings bass songs so low they shake your whole device! But breeding the elusive Grumpyre takes time, luck and strategy.

In this guide, let’s break down tips and tricks to master Grumpyre breeding so you can add his earth-shaking voice to your islands!

Grumpyre Breeding Basics

Before we dive into specific combos, here are some key facts about breeding Grumpyre:

  • Grumpyre is a 4-element Cold/Earth/Water/Air monster.
  • He can only be bred on Cold Island or the Continent.
  • Grumpyre has a long 48 hour breeding time.
  • Getting Grumpyre requires multiple tries with patience.
  • Use monsters that collectively have Grumpyre’s elements.

Understanding those basics is key. Now let’s explore your best shot at that purple furball…

The Optimal Grumpyre Combo

After much experimenting, the community agrees the optimal breeding pair for Grumpyre is Entbrat and Bogart. Here’s why:

  • Entbrat covers 3 elements: Cold/Earth/Water
  • Bogart brings the missing Air element
  • Both are common monsters that are easy to acquire
  • This paring produces Grumpyre most frequently

Place Entbrat and Bogart on your best upgraded Cold Island breeding structure. Then keep trying!

Tips to Boost Your Grumpyre Chances

In addition to the ideal combo, here are some breeding tips to boost your Grumpyre success rate:

  • Get both monsters to level 15 for higher breeding odds
  • Use Enhancers to improve the breeding structure
  • Activate a Tribal Torch for temporary boosts
  • Have enough resources to speed up fails quickly
  • Pray to RNG gods for luck!

With the perfect Entbrat and Bogart combo plus these breeding boosts, Grumpyre will shake up your Cold Island soon enough.

Should I Buy a Grumpyre Instead?

If you’re really struggling, you do have the option to buy Grumpyre directly with diamonds. Some things to consider:

  • Grumpyre costs 1000 diamonds in the market
  • Weigh if your diamonds are better spent on retries
  • Buying him saves time if very unlucky breeding
  • But earning him from breeding feels more rewarding!

Buy vs breed comes down to your diamond budget and patience.

Decorating a Home for Grumpyre

Once you finally have your Grumpyre, make him feel at home with these Cold Island decor tips:

  • Arrange Cold-element monsters together.
  • Add lots of snow, ice cubes and conifers.
  • Don’t overload with too many decorations.
  • Make sure pathways are spacious.

A chill environment will have Grumpyre sounding his best!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does time of day affect breeding?

No, time of day has no effect on breeding luck.

Can I breed Grumpyre on other islands?

Grumpyre can only be bred on Cold Island or the Continent.

Is there a chance of breeding Rare Grumpyre?

No, Grumpyre does not have a Rare variant.

Should I use diamonds to speed up breeding?

Yes, speeding up failures helps a lot. But budget your diamonds carefully.

Can I increase chances with real money?

You can buy diamonds which indirectly boosts your breeding productivity. But not required.


With the ideal Entbrat and Bogart combo, some luck, and persistence through fails, you’ll be rocking out with your very own Grumpyre. Just keep at it, and that big purple lug will bring earth-shaking bass to your Cold Island in no time! Never give up!

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