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Video production company has its place in almost every industry, from electrical gadgets to food. Every product in the world needs a video itself. But from where did it start? 

It all started in the USA on 1st July 1941. The first commercial on television appeared before a baseball match between the Brooklyn Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies.

The advertisement belonged to a watch company named Bulova. Bulova paid the NY station, WBNT, $4- $9 to show the ad. The ad appeared on the bottom right-hand side of the TV screen. 

Video production services plays a vital role in advertising in many ways, like it lets the customers understand the product more easily, and video content is more engaging than any other type of content, etc. A study by Statista shows:

  • In 2022 the total money spent on video advertising was around $75 billion. It is 30% of all display ads spent worldwide. 

Now you must be wondering, okay, but how is it relevant for our brand? Will it work for us?

Video advertising is relevant for all industries out there. And if used the right way, it will definitely help your brand. Now the question is, what is the right way? Wait, let me explain:

The Right Way For Brands To Make Brand Videos With Professional Video Company?

Here are several terms a brand should include or keep in mind while going for brand video advertising:

Clear And Memorable

The approach of your video advertising should be clear and easy to remember. The voice of the advertisement should know about the problems your audience is facing and how your product can solve them.

For example, Beauty brands like Mamaearth and WOW keep the goal of their advertisement clear, which helps the ad get a clear voice and makes the product easy to remember.

Targeted Audience

The brand must know about its audience. It helps them understand whom they are advertising for and their audience’s choice. 

For example, Fashion brands like Myntra and AJIO feature Bollywood celebrities like Janhvi Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Siddharth Malhotra, and more in their ads because they know that their audience love to see them and follow their fashion style. 


The brand ads should be out of the box so they can blow the audience’s mind and stay in their heads for a while.

For example, In an advertisement by Arctic Fox, they decided to feature Carryminati in their ad for a bag. The ad was not ordinary. The creative team asked Carry to roast the ads and show the reality behind them in the ad, and he did. The bag and the ad both got a hit, and the ad video now has 16 million views on YouTube. 


It is a must. Without CTA, your ad will be like helping someone to get in but not showing them the exit you want them to take. 

For example, If you see an Influencer talking about a product to their audience and at the end of the video, they say the link is in the description, or the link is in the caption, they are showing their audience a way to buy the product. 

High-Quality Content

The quality of your content should be high, whether it’s the camera quality or the content quality. 

Now creating high-quality content isn’t easy. It takes lots of things, such as cameras, lights, shooting sets, a camera person, a makeup artist, and more. And it can be expensive. The equipment costs a lot, and video production studios in India cost more than an average brand can afford. 

  • An average video production agency costs around 80K to 1 lakh for a basic video. 

Don’t worry. We have a solution just for you. Vidzy is the first short video production company for brands. It is the most affordable video production company in India. The video production agency has worked with over 1,200 brands like Amazon, Myntra, Mamaearth, Wow, and more. 

Vidzy has 6+ years of experience and two lakh+ influencers onboard with them. The video production company owns more than a thousand studio houses for brands to shoot from. 

Now you might ask how Vidzy can help your brand. Here how:

Top Video Production Services Provided By Vidzy

Influencer-Based Social Media Videos

Vidzy helps brands create influencer-based videos to help brands reach a better and highly targeted audience in the niche. The influencer chosen by the video production company is a well-known person in the particular niche as the brand and is trusted by the audience. 

The main purpose of these videos is to help the brand boost sales and generate high-quality organic leads. Brands and influencers both can upload them on their social media platforms. 

Influencer-Based Ad Videos

Same as influencer-based ad videos, Vidzy help brands create ad videos for them, which can help brand derive inorganic traffic to their website and landing pages. 

Corporate Videos

These videos help to show the transparency between the audience and the brand. It shows your audience how your brand works. And are made for entertainment purposes.

Testimonial And Feedback Videos

People trust customers experience with companies’ products and services. It provide strong believe on new customer how much will be product quality and trustworthy. These videos help the audience see how other people are getting benefits from your products. The video production agency helps brands get testimonials and feedback from influencers and creators which helps brands gain the audience’s trust. 

Influencer Generated Product/ Explainer Videos:  

Video production services can help your brand generate the product videos like no other. The video production company helps brands create the product videos filled with the product details and feature while generating trust and authenticity among them. It helps to customers know more about product features and uses that can drive awareness and sales. 

Creator-Based Videos

These videos are similar, but instead of the influencer, the creator creates the video. The creator is also a trusted member of the community or niche. 

Now after learning how to let’s understand why you should choose Vidzy:

Why Vidzy Is The Best Video Production Agency in India (USPs)

Unique Storytelling

Vidzy’s unique storytelling helps brands tell the story to their audience with a clear voice and make brands memorable. 

Researched Content And Trend-Based Analytics

The video production company’s analysts and content strategists help brands go with the trends perfectly. 

6+ Years of Industry Experience

Vidzy has over six years of experience, which makes it more reliable and trusted among brands.

Humanization Of The Brand

Vidzy helps brands to get a voice and use it to relate with them, which helps brands and their audience connect on a deeper level.

High-quality Video Production

The video production company has over a thousand shooting studios, all filled with high-quality equipment, which helps brands get the best quality.


Video content has evolved to become an indispensable aspect of advertising across diverse industries, showcasing products and services in engaging and dynamic ways. Its inception in 1941 with Bulova’s pioneering commercial marked the beginning of a revolutionary medium that has transformed the advertising landscape.

With the significant impact of video content on customer understanding and engagement, the investment in video advertising has skyrocketed, as evidenced by the massive $75 billion spent globally in 2022. This accounts for 30% of all display ads spent worldwide, demonstrating the overwhelming popularity and effectiveness of this medium. 

To grow your brand choose vidzy, it helps you to maximize the ROI and fulfill the brand’s campaign goals.

With vidzy’s best video production services, brands have gained a better reach and reputation in the online world of your industry.

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