A Guide To Visiting Turkey As A Bangladeshi Or Bahraini Citizen

If you are a Bangladeshi or Bahraini citizen, you might be considering visiting Turkey soon. In this guide, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about obtaining a visa and traveling to Turkey. Turkey Visa from Bangladesh

What is a Turkish Visa?

Visitors from countries such as Bangladesh and Bahrain need a visa to visit Turkey. The process of obtaining a Turkish visa is relatively straightforward, but visitors should be aware that the application process can take up to two months. Applicants will need to provide evidence of their identification, citizenship, and residence documents. In addition, applicants must also provide their passport photo and fill out an application form. Finally, applicants will need to pay a fee for the visa application process. Once all of the necessary paperwork has been completed, applicants will receive a confirmation letter in the mail. If all goes well, applicants will then receive their Turkish visa in the mail.

How to Apply for a Turkish Visa?

If you are a Bangladeshi or Bahraini citizen and want to visit Turkey, the first step is to obtain a visa.

There are three types of Turkish visas: tourist (tourist), business, and transit. The tourist visa is the most common type and allows visitors to stay for up to 30 days. You can apply for a Turkish visa at any Turkish embassy or consulate abroad.

To qualify for a business visa, your company must have a registered office in Turkey and you must be able to support yourself financially while in Turkey. To qualify for a transit visa, you must be travelling through Turkey on your way to another country. Turkey Visa from Bahrain

How much does a Turkish Visa Cost?

If you are a Bangladeshi or Bahraini citizen and are planning on visiting Turkey, you should be aware that a Turkish visa costs $60 USD. The process of obtaining a Turkish visa can be done through your local embassy or consulate. If you are travelling on an official trip, you will need to apply for the visa at least three months in advance. For tourists, the application process is usually much more relaxed and visas can be obtained on arrival.

What is the Process of Getting a Turkish Visa?

If you are a Bangladeshi or Bahraini citizen, there are three ways to obtain a Turkish visa:

1. Through your embassy in Dhaka or Manama.

2. Through the Turkish consulate in Dhaka or Manama.

3. Through travel agencies in Bangladesh or Bahrain.


If you are looking to travel to Turkey as a Bangladeshi or Bahraini citizen, this guide will help you get started. It covers everything from visa requirements and health advice to helpful tips for travelling with a young child. By following the advice in this guide, you can have a hassle-free trip that will allow you to explore some of the most beautiful and vibrant places on Earth.

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